Faster & more accurate shipping with carrier integration

With shipping carrier integration Bricqer fully automates your shipping process and allows for faster and more accurate LEGO® shipments.


Cloud e-commerce solution for LEGO® stores

Bricqer is a cloud based e-commerce solution for LEGO® stores, providing online inventory management and order processing.


3 key benefits of mobile order management tools

Mobile order management tools allow you to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Let us explain how!


Multi-order picking made easy

Multi-order picking allows you to pick multiple orders in one single and efficient run through your LEGO® warehouse. Find out how you can do multi-order picking as well.


Create multiple user accounts to enhance your business processes

Bricqer lets you create multiple user accounts for your staff so you can run your LEGO® business more efficiently and safely.


Multichannel order management

Our multichannel order management solution for LEGO® stores combines data from all marketplaces in one single platform. Read more now.


Inventory & order synchronization

Our LEGO® inventory & order synchronization helps you manage your stores on multiple marketplaces in one single platform.


Advanced pricing strategies

With our advanced pricing strategies LEGO® businesses sell their bricks with fair prices and with their margins intact - whatever the platform.


Inventory management strategies: to consolidate or not

Bricqer supports both consolidated and unconsolidated inventory management strategies for your LEGO® store.


VAT margin scheme support

Keep track of all VAT margin scheme purchases and automatically calculate the right amount of taxes on orders with Bricqer.


Automated invoice processing

Bricqer handles off-site payments by sending automatically created invoices with links for immediate purchase completion.

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