LEGO® sellers have lots of different workflows for various processes. By implementing new features, we aim to improve and optimize these workflows even further. In the past couple of weeks we have received various feedback regarding the order pick-up workflow. With our latest updates, we are sure that you will be able to process pick-up orders even faster.

What is a pick-up order?

Instead of shipping each and every order, some sellers opt to give their customers the option to pick up their order. Pickup is a convenient and efficient order fulfillment option. It provides several benefits, including reduced delivery costs and improved customer experience.

How it works

Simply create a custom shipping method in your stores, such as BrickLink or BrickOwl. Your customer can then choose the pick-up shipping method when they place their order. Bricqer will automatically recognize the pick-up shipping method. After you have picked the order, it will automatically be categorized into the "Ready for Pick-up" category. If the order has a pending payment, the order will be categorized as "Ready for Pick-up and payment".

What's new for pick-up orders

We have released some exciting new features that will help you process and manage pick-up orders even faster.

Automatic pick-up notification

You can now enable notifications for pick-up orders. Once an order has been fully picked, Bricqer will now automatically send an e-mail to your customer informing them that their order is now ready for pick-up.

Pick-up barcode

The e-mail notification we send to your customer features a barcode. You can scan this barcode from within Storefront. Use your computer or tablet's camera, or use a hardware barcode scanner. Immediately after scanning the barcode, Bricqer will automatically lead you to the order where you can see its payment status and can confirm the pick-up.

Confirm pick-up

After confirming the pick-up, you can optionally send the customer an e-mail notification informing that the order has been picked up.

Customize your notification templates

Bricqer provides you with default templates for all order e-mail notifications. However, you may want to customize this templates. You can do so from within Bricqer. Simply navigate to Settings, click Orders and review your order e-mail notification templates. We highly recommend you check out the pick-up templates, as they allow you to specify your opening hours as well.

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