As with all e-commerce, pricing is important since it can boost sales tremendously. The right price enhances an items' performance and helps you get rid of old stock while keeping the best margins. However, it's nearly impossible to determine the best price for each and every brick you sell in your LEGO® store.

That's why Bricqer offers you advanced pricing strategies and formulas to use when adding new items in your inventory.

Set up a pricing formula for each marketplace that you sell on.

As simple or as advanced as you want

When updating your inventory in Bricqer we automatically calculate the price based on an average of the last 6 months. Although you might not offer the cheapest (or the most expensive) items this way, you are assured of margins in line with the current market. Simple, but fair for both you and your customers.

However, we also support advanced pricing strategies. Bricqer supported setting up an Excel-like formulas for calculating advanced pricing strategies.

Prices per marketplace

Lots of LEGO® store owners use marketplaces like BrickOwl, BrickLink or BrickScout to sell their bricks too. And all these marketplaces charge a different fee. To adjust for these different fees we also give you options to calculate a price per marketplace, so you can keep your own margins intact and not lose potential gains when selling items for the same price on multiple platforms.

Update prices in bulk.

And bulk updates too!

Expecting a price increase? Or did prices drop drastically and do you now need to make changes to your pricing rules? With Bricqer you can adjust all your prices at once with a single click. That saves loads of time and stress, but also ensures you won't lose any customers due to outdated high prices ever again - or lose money due to outdated low prices.

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